Cory Image

Age = 26
Hit Points = I am told this has something to do with video games which I retired from after trying and failing to beat the original Mario Brothers on my game boy for 2 years as a child. Memories of failure in black and white still haunt me today.
Hometown = Atlantic Van
Favorite things...

Favorite Color = The true colors… Phil Collins understands.
Favorite Sport = Hockey - in a category of its own
Favorite Book = The Normal Christian Life - Watchmen Nee
Favorite Movie = Haven't found it yet
Favorite Band = constantly changing
Favorite Day of the week = Today

Would you rather...

Fight a Bear or fight a Lion?
The question would be which one is more likely to come to a peaceful agreement with me. I am not much a fighter. Therefore I choose bear because there is a hug named after it.

Visit the past, or visit the future?
The future - I have all ready been to the past

Be which member of Atlantic for a whole week?
I choose Adam cause he is still a mystery to me and he has killer beard lines.

Play Chess for an hour, or read Harry Potter for an hour? 
 I think both options sit way outside my attention span capabilities

What instruments do you play?

I have attempted many… not really sure where the line is drawn between attempting an instrument and playing one.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Any super power would be fine thanks :)

Any Nicknames we should know about?
None I feel like you should know about but I once was called little stick.

If you had to choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Something that someone else would eat with me… I never like eating alone

If you could be one animal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Homosapien - it's been so far so good!

Why did you join Atlantic?
I am not sure how to answer this question… I feel Atlantic just became a part of who I am.

What’s one thing you want our friends to know about you?
This survey was a difficult for me to fill out… I really have very few interests but I am obsessively interested in these few things- hockey, Jesus and people … I feel like the rest of my life is a means to these.

More about Cory

Gear – Tom Anderson Crowdster, Duncan Africa acoustic guitar

Story – Cory started playing guitar in high school when his youth group was without a guitar player/vocalist for their worship band.  He will admit to you that, at the time, he was awful; could not sing on key to save his life and his guitar playing was not something to be desired.

During his high school career he was asked, for whatever reason, to join a recently formed band named Jose Jose and the Other Guy.  The band mostly played at youth groups and rallies around New Brunswick but had a few good catchy tunes.  Cory’s musical abilities began to flourish within the group; he became more confident and was growing as a musician.

Cory worked at Caton’s Island Camp for several years as the Program Coordinator.  Cory’s love for camp ministry was founded there during those years.  It was at Caton’s that Cory was called to music ministry at Bethany Bible College (BBC).

At Bethany, Cory was extremely involved with traveling ministry teams, choir, the Extreme Discipleship program, Spiritual and Holiness Advancement services, Booster and Encounter weekends, to name a few.  His involvement in such groups trained him in leading congregational worship, taught him guitar skills, how to play in a band, and strengthened his vocals.  By his sophomore year, Cory was one of the go-to worship leaders at the college and he loved leading his peers in worship.  

During his fourth year at BBC, Cory was interning at the Crux, which was a booming Indianapolis-based church plant filled with mostly young adults and teens.  Cory was right where he wanted to be and God was teaching him so much about speaking and leading worship in a church setting.  Cory decided to travel back to the college for the Booster weekend in November.  While there he began discussing the possibility of Atlantic with Dave Klob, who is the worship director at the college.  It was not until later in that school year that word got out and wheels were set in motion for the new-formed recruitment team.  
Cory is the lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player for Atlantic.  He often speaks at Atlantic events (See Speaking Tab), books the tour dates, has led several missions trips, and is constantly seeking the will of God for his life.