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Duncan Africa - The DuncanAfrica Society has a vision to be an instrument of change in impoverished third-world communities. The vision was born from a combination of master luthier Jay Duncan’s desire to bring an affordable version of his instruments to a larger market and his world view that reflects God’s sense of justice and compassion for the poor and suffering. His dream resulted in the creation of the DuncanAfrica Society in April 2005.
DuncanAfrica will also provide business training based in biblical morals and principles, assist with the setup of a co-operative business by the graduates of the trade school, build a manufacturing facility, as well as provide on-going mentoring.
As the co-operative starts to produce product that meets pre-defined quality standards DuncanAfrica will order and purchase DuncanAfrica branded product for import to the West. Proceeds from instrument sales will cover DuncanAfrica’s ongoing operating costs and will provide substantial humanitarian aid to the community in which the trade school is established.
The trade school will teach not only luthiery (guitar making), but also English, math, computers, first aid and business skills. Currently we are raising funding to cover necessary building renovations and woodworking machinery. Out of the 70 applications, 20 students have been selected and are ready to begin the training process.
Atlantic’s lead vocalist/acoustic guitar player, Cory Doiron, has partnered with DuncanAfrica since 2009 not only by using their acoustic guitar on stage, but he also helps spread the word and message of this company; in hopes of inspiring and encouraging young minds around North America.










Los Cabos Drumsticks – Los Cabos Drumsticks are a Canadian company located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. In 2005 the staff set off across the country, sticks in hand, on one of the most comprehensive door to door sales campaigns in Canadian history.  Traveling to every major city centre in the country, they began to not only turn heads with their wide range of quality, Canadian-made products but also with the way they chose to do business.  With nearly two dozen models to choose from, Los Cabos Drumsticks offers something for every drummer.

Atlantic has been partnering with Los Cabos since 2008. “The entire staff has been nothing but accommodating from the beginning, and the product is like nothing I’ve used before. I am amazed by the indestructibility. Before Los Cabos, I used to go through a set of sticks every couple of shows, now it’s every couple of weeks! I can’t break them! It’s unreal!” says drummer Dana Budovitch. Atlantic has exclusively used and promoted Los Cabos sticks for the past 3 tours and will continue to do so. “We’re proud to support a hometown company! We couldn’t be happier with the product!”
Atlantic was featured on the Los Cabos blog after stopping by the factory and picking up a batch of sticks before setting off on tour in May 2010. You can find the article and pictures here