Atlantic's heart has always been to see lives changed. Their most common medium to do that has begun with music, but it has expressted itself in many different ways. One of those ways has been through speaking and teaching. Over the past 4 years Atlantic has partnered with many conferences, churches and events to share from the bible, their lives and their hearts.




 In the last 4 years, Cory Doiron has been camp speaker for 7 camps, taught during many Sunday morning services, conferences and youth events. While one of his passions is for music, his passion for sharing from the Word of God is just as evident. Cory is a compelling and challenging speaker and God is using him to encourage people to transformation. You can find out more about him at www.corydoiron.comCoryDoiron.com



 As Atlantic has continued to travel individual members have been privileged to lead seminars on a variety of topics: Purity, Self-Worth: Seeing yourself through God's eyes, God's love for you and more. As Atlantic participates in your event they would be more than happy to discuss making a seminar a part of that.



 Something Atlantic has enjoyed doing during their travels has been doing group seminars. People often have questions about any band, and it has been the same for Atlantic. We have been privileged to talk about life in community, life on the road, life as a band or anything else. Atlantic would love to have a seminar or Q & A with your group or event!